“…with a debut album in the works, they’re now prepped
to take on the world with their distorted power anthems”
NME Magazine (Print Issue Radar)
“Intermittently pitch-shifted verses, has-fuelled vocal drone,
throat-grabbing choruses and wild eruption of unrestrained guitar solo… Now we need a full-length. Stat”
NOW Magazine
“The fuzzy, home movie feel serves as an excellent complement
to the band’s slow-burning psych jam.”
“Watch ‘Never Quit’ from Pet Sun and watch your face melt!”

“Pet Sun’s ‘Dark Planet’ is a stormy psych odyssey of the mind”
Chart Attack
“Frenzied guitar music delivered with a narcotic smirk,
their live shows have – thus far – descended into a trail
of sweat, beer, riffs and feedback”
Clash Magazine
“The bluesy psychedelia of Pet Sun, is a nice break from all of the festival’s surplus shoegaze and electronica. “Feel Like I’m Going Away” has us on board, with some well-utilized punk influences from acts like The Stooges.”
Complex Top 10 NXNE Artists